The Best Bakeries to Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

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The bakeries in Copenhagen, Denmark are unmatched. While the gorgeous Scandinavian city in Denmark has plenty of Michelin-starred restaurants, Copenhagen also has a lot of amazing bakeries sprinkled throughout. 

And there is truly no better way to start a day in Copenhagen than going to a bakery (bageri in Danish), ordering a coffee, a bun with butter and cheese, and probably a pastry too (or more). 

How does one narrow in on the bakeries to prioritize during your trip? A bakery crawl might just need to be in order so you can eat your way through the city via bakeries, but if you don’t have time for that, here are three bakeries you should definitely visit on your next trip to Copenhagen. 

Juno The Bakery 

This was the one bakery that I said we absolutely had to go to before we left Copenhagen. There was no way I was leaving this beautiful city without a cardamom bun from Juno. 

So we did just that. 

Emil Glaser, former Noma chef, wanted to bring cardamom buns from Sweden to Copenhagen, and so Juno the Bakery was born in 2017 on Århusgade, within the Østerbro neighborhoood.

You’ll know you’ve arrived at Juno when you see a line of people spilling onto the street. Get in line because it’s definitely worth the wait!

Entrance of Juno The Bakery.
The outdoor terrace.

We arrived at Juno around 9am in August and decided to get a couple cardamom buns and a bun with cheese. They had also posted a photo on Instagram that morning of their gorgeous raspberry tarts that I wanted to try, but learned that those wouldn’t be available until 10am.

So we did as any good foodie would do – we ordered our morning pastries and enjoyed them at a table in their outdoor terrace. Then we got back in line shortly before 10am to grab some of the tarts (and maybe a few more pastries to go). 

I don’t think you can go wrong with getting anything at Juno – everything from their pastries, to their tarts, to their breads, – are delicious. But if you only had to get one thing, get the cardamom bun (and also reconsider getting more baked goods).

The cardamom bun is soft, buttery but light and fluffy, and is filled with flecks of cardamom and topped with lots of sugar. 

Juno’s cardamom bun and vanilla bun.
Another angle of Juno’s cardamom bun. Because look at those golden swirls!

Also highly recommend the vanilla bun which is made of yeasted dough layered with vanilla butter, filled with vanilla custard and finished with vanilla syrup.

Another showstopper is Juno’s raspberry tart (which was absolutely worth the second wait in line to go back in and get these). There’s a focus on seasonal ingredients in Copenhagen, and raspberries were in peak season when we visited so of course Juno had a sweet treat featuring them.

The raspberries on the tart were plump, juicy and incredibly sweet. These lovely raspberries were placed upon a brown butter mazarin and crushed raspberries. And whipped vanilla mascarpone was perfectly placed on top. 

Strawberry brioche on the left (laminated brioche filled with cooked and fresh Danish strawberries and whipped Polynesian vanilla cream). Raspberry tart on the right (brown butter mazarin, crushed raspberries and fresh raspberries, whipped vanilla mascarpone).

Let’s also talk about the bun with butter and cheese because before our Copenhagen visit, we didn’t know about these! A bun with butter and cheese (or bolle med ost in Danish) is a simple but delicious breakfast offering that you’ll find at many, if not all, bakeries in Copenhagen.

It’s simple and delicious, because high quality local ingredients are the star of the show. A bun with cheese is a sandwich typically made with a fresh bread or bun (sometimes sourdough), butter, and Comté cheese.

We tried a bun with cheese at Juno with their seeded sourdough bun which was simply perfect in every way.

Some of the breads featured at Juno.
Juno’s bun with butter and cheese on a seeded sourdough bun.

You’ll find lots of pastries at Juno, as well as tarts, breads and other baked goods. Everything is seasonal and freshly baked multiple times a day so you’ll be in for a treat no matter what time you visit while they’re open. 

Hart Bageri

Hart Bageri opened in Copenhagen in 2018 by former head baker of Tartine Bakery Richard Hart and Noma chef and co-owner René Redzepi. 

San Francisco’s Tartine Bakery is known for its sourdough, and that’s exactly what Hart brought to Copenhagen. In addition to sourdough breads, you’ll also find a variety of pastries, cakes and sandwiches (including ice cream sandwiches in the summer). 

Some of Hart Bageri's offerings - passionfruit cake, chocolate praline chouquette, yuzu hazelnut financier, pandan coconut financier.

Fun fact: Hart also supplies all of the bread for Noma.

The must-get at Hart Bageri is the cardamom croissant – a twist on the traditional cardamom bun. It’s made from croissant dough and tossed in a special blend of cardamom sugar. It’s a little sticky and sweet, giving kouign amman vibes. 

Cardamom croissant in the front, pandan coconut financier on the right, passionfruit loaf in the back.
Pain au chocolat in the pastry window at Hart Bageri.

Because we were in Copenhagen in peak summer, we also had to get one of their ice cream sandwiches! So we went with a yuzu mandarin ice cream in a citrus biscuit dipped in vanilla white chocolate. It was the perfect mix of refreshing and sweetness and I am still regretting not trying their other flavor (rhubarb ice cream with strawberry ripple in a cardamom biscuit). 

Hart Bageri’s ice cream sandwich: yuzu mandarin ice cream in a citrus biscuit dipped in vanilla white chocolate

Hart Bageri has a few locations throughout Copenhagen – you can find them in Frederkisberg, Holmen, Refshaleøen and Kødbyen.

Andersen & Maillard

Another Noma alum with a bakery! Former Noma chef Milton Abel and award-winning barista Hans Kristian Anderson opened Andersen & Maillard in 2018.

You may have seen their Cube Croissants on Instagram which are exactly that – a spin on a croissant, shaped into a cube and filled with flavored cream (the one we got had a pistachio filling). This was a fun croissant and very Instagrammable, but make sure to try Andersen & Maillard’s other pastries too! 

Pastries at Andersen & Maillard in Copenhagen

Their chocolate croissant isn’t just any chocolate croissant. It is swirled into the most gorgeous shape and is filled with a beautiful, high quality, chocolate ganache. This chocolate ganache isn’t overly sweet, and you can taste the complexity and nuances of the cacao.

This high quality chocolate is also mixed into their chocolate chip cookie which is everything you want a great chocolate chip cookie to be: it’s chewy, a little crunchy, filled with the perfect amount of chocolate chunks, and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. 10/10.

Chocolate chip cookie from Andersen & Maillard
Middle of a chocolate chip cookie from Andersen & Maillard

Andersen & Maillard also roasts their own coffee beans at their Nørrebro location so make sure to grab a coffee to go with your pastry.

There are currently three locations of Andersen & Maillard scattered throughout Copenhagen. Their coffee shop and roastery (which also serves pastries) is in Nørrebro, and Nordhavn and Indre by.

There are SO many lovely bakeries in Copenhagen, so this only scratches the surface but we hope it gives you a good foundation for your bakery adventures in Denmark’s capital!

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