Dinner at Geranium in Copenhagen: The World’s Best Restaurant 2022

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One of the reasons why we built a trip to Copenhagen was to dine at Geranium, a Michelin star restaurant by chef Rasmus Kofoed and his partner Søren Ledet.

Geranium not only has three Michelin stars, but was also voted The World’s Best Restaurant 2022 by World’s 50 Best

So needless to say, we were really looking forward to this dinner. And the TLDR is that this dinner was everything we wanted it to be and more. (If the below is really more info than you want, you can skip to the bottom of this post for a short summary of our experience).

Geranium sign to the entrance of the restaurant.

How to Get a Reservation at Geranium

Snagging a reservation at Geranium takes planning. It’s a good idea to have some dates in mind for your reservation ahead of time because reservations are released three months in advance.

Currently, you can book a reservation on their website. Dates are released at 6pm CET three months in advance. Make sure you’re on the website a few minutes earlier than the release time (I usually go for 10-15 min earlier) and get ready to click through to your date.

Hot tip: If you don’t get a reservation as soon as it releases, don’t worry! Sign up for the waitlist and/or keep refreshing the page around 10 minutes after the release time because some folks may not go through with the deposit needed to secure their spot, resulting in the reservation time becoming available.

A Little Bit of Background on Geranium

Geranium has its fair share of accolades. The restaurant was the first Danish restaurant to get three Michelin stars, awarded in 2016. Geranium has also worked its way up the World’s 50 Best list, getting No. 49 in 2012, to No. 2 in 2021, and finally topping the list at No. 1 in 2022.

And it doesn’t stop there. Chef Rasmus Kofoed competed in the Bocuse d’Or, otherwise known as the “Olympics of Cooking” – a highly regarded international gastronomic competition that takes place every two years in Lyon, France. Kofoed first competed in 2005 and was awarded the Bronze. He went back two years later to compete again and received Silver. Not done yet, he went back in 2011 and brought home the Gold.

Kofoed’s partner, Søren Ledet manages Geranium’s front of house, wine and drinks service. In addition to wine pairings, the restaurant also offers a non-alcoholic pairing featuring juices, kombuchas and extractions. Ledet also won the Art of Hospitality Award in 2018. 

Geranium is located on the 8th floor of the national football (or soccer for my US folks) stadium and home of Copenhagen FC near Faelledparken, the largest park in Copenhagen.

Highly recommend you get to Geranium a bit early so you can walk around Fælledparken before dinner, especially during the summer. It makes for a lovely pre-meal stroll.

The dining room at Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Dinner: Geranium’s Summer Universe menu

As you step into Geranium’s dining room, you’re immediately welcomed by the hosts and taken into a beautifully designed space that exudes the essence of Danish design – it’s sleek but warm and inviting. The floor to ceiling windows make it feel bright and open, and the open kitchen at the end of the room is quietly bustling with chefs prepping finishing touches and plating the courses for the meal ahead. 

The dining room at Geranium.
The open kitchen at Geranium.

Our reservation for dinner at Geranium was in August, during their Summer Universe Menu. We were seated at a table right in front of the open kitchen which was a treat in itself.

We opted to get a couple of glasses of wine through dinner instead of the pairing.

We were given the menu and a pair of scissors to open it with, as well as a little stand to perch the menu on during the meal which I greatly appreciate. Our reservation was for dinner in August, during their summer universe menu, which had 18 courses

The meal started off strong with the appetizer courses. We started with a beautiful dish made of lightly smoked bleak roe, milk and kale.

Then moved into a dish that was a spin on a Danish trandition smorrebord made with salted herring in crispy algae, dill stems and aquavit. Just after these two first dishes, we knew we were in for such a treat and exquisite attention to detail.

Lightly smoked bleak roe, milk and kale
“Danish tradition” salted herring in crispy algae, dill stems, and aquavit

Next up was a beautiful flowery presentation of boiled beetroot with horseradish which was a lovely combination of flavors. And then marinated squash, burnt goat cheese and smoked snail eggs.

Boiled beetroot with horseradish
Marinated squash, burnt goat cheese and smoked snail eggs.

An optional supplement of Oscietra ‘gold’ caviar, waffle with potato and beech nut, and sour cream with pickled walnut leaves was offered which we happily said yes to.

Oscietra ‘gold’ caviar, waffle with potato and beech nut, and sour cream with pickled walnut leaves

It was then time to move on to the savory dishes. We were served seven savory dishes, one after the other.

Lightly pickled kohrabi, caviar, greens and smoked cream cheese
Grilled squid glazed with potatoes, yeast and kelp

Danish potatoes, peas and fermented cabbage

Grilled scallop, juice from scallop roe, leaves from dried black currant and Jeruselum artichoke
Bread pancake with buttermilk, truffle and ramson

Turbot stuffed with turbot fins, raw vegetables, wild watercress
“Today’s harvest from the plant kingdom” featuring seasonal produce

After the final savory course was served, one of our servers took us on a tour of the restaurant. We started by making our way through the dining room and into their incredible wine cellar which has 2,500+ bottles. 

A little section of the 2,500+ bottle wine cellar at Geranium.

We continued walking through the cellar as she told us a little bit more about it and Geranium. We passed by the restauran’ts World’s 50 Best awards, and made our way into the private dining room which has it’s own private kitchen. (And it’s bookable for private updates of up to 16 people). 

We then made our way through the main kitchen that directly overlooks Parken, Denmark’s national soccer (or football outside the US) stadium. 

Looking down at Parken from Geranium’s kitchen.

Through the kitchen, we ended up right outside the open kitchen that faces the dining room that the chefs had been at all night prepping finishing touches and plating the dinner courses. We loved getting to see everyone in action and appreciated all the incredible attention to detail when it came to each course. 

The open kitchen at Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We made our way back at our table, where everything had been cleaned up and refreshed so that it was like we were being seated for the first time again, and the desserts started to arrive.

Yogurt with frozen pine needles
Sea buckthorn, carrot, pumpkin seeds and white chocolate
Dark chocolates filled with Jerusalem artichoke syrup
Taste of cep mushrooms, caramel and pear vinegar
Warm potato cake with nutmeg and tykmælk
The last of the desserts. Warm potato cake with nutmeg and tykmælk, milk chocolate and pickled rose hig, and a fresh herbal infusion.

Talk about a beautiful finish! And if you’re wondering what a ‘tykmælk’ is – it’s thick fermented milk that’s prepared in Denmark and Sweden that can be served at breakfast with various toppings like fruit, brown sugar, or rye bread.

A Quick Summary of the Experience:

Geranium was an absolutely incredible meal from start to finish. Each dish really celebrates the ingredients, allowing the subtle and nuanced flavors to be the star of the show. The meticulous attention to detail when it came to every dish was jaw-dropping every time a plate hit the table. And that attention to detail cascades into the service – everyone working at the restaurant is at the very top of their game when it comes to service and hospitality. The ambiance at Geranium is inviting and warm, and makes for an enjoyable and exquisite fine dining experience.

We can’t wait to go back to Geranium to experience another season. Let us know if you’ve been in the comments and what season you got to enjoy. Or watch our Instagram reel or TikTok video to see more of the full experience at Geranium.

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