The Best Bagels in San Francisco: Chicken Dog Bagels

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California’s Bay Area is making an entrance into the bagel scene. (See Bon Appetit’s article on why the best bagels aren’t in NY anymore, the San Francisco Chronicle’s article on San Francisco Bagels, and even the NY Times on the best bagels being in California).

So where can you find the best bagels in San Francisco? At a little pop-up called Chicken Dog Bagels.

Quick callout: We know there a lot of great bagel spots in the larger Bay Area, but this post is specifically focusing on the best bagels in the city of San Francisco and does not include the greater bay area like East Bay and South Bay. 

Lox bagel sandwich from Chicken Dog Bagels in San Francisco, California.

Back to Chicken Dog Bagels. We’ve eaten a lot of bagels in the bay (but also maybe not enough?) and Chicken Dog Bagels is just the best in SF. 

The bagels at Chicken Dog are: 

  • hand-rolled
  • naturally leavened
  • covered in the perfect amount of toppings (covering the whole bagel, not just the top)
  • perfectly crunchy on the outside
  • nicely chewy on the inside

TLDR; they’re perfect. 

The top of an everything bagel from Chicken Dog Bagels

Chicken Dog Bagels is a pop up that’s run by one man, Alex Rogers, who makes all his bagels by hand.

He’s currently open on Fridays and Saturdays, popping up out of Avedano’s in Bernal Heights at 237 Cortland. 

Fridays are for pre-orders only where you can pre-order loose bagels, cream cheese, smoked fish and sometimes other specialties he might’ve made that week (like jams, babkas, and more). 

Bagels sandwiches are only available for walk-ups on Saturdays, in addition to loose bagels, cream cheese, and other occasional goodies. You can also pre-order loose bagels and sides for a Saturday pick-up. 

Let’s talk about the bagel sandwiches: Rogers usually offers a variety of sandwiches like a lox bagel sandwich, avocado, and more. What goes into each sandwich depends on the season – he makes a point to use seasonal ingredients so if tomatoes aren’t looking great at the market because they’re not in season, he won’t use them. 

We recently had a lox bagel sandwich with horseradish and shallot cream cheese from Chicken Dog and it was the perfect combination of flavors.

To pre-order bagels from Chicken Dog, or just to stay up to date on where you can find him and his bagels, make sure to sign up for his newsletter. He not only provides the pre-order link and info about what you can expect to find at his next pop up, but he also sometimes provides a few musing about the bagels, what he’s making and more.

Note that Saturday Nov 11, 2023 is his last day serving sandwiches at his pop-up! Make sure to subscribe to his newsletter to stay up to date on when and where he’ll be serving up food.

Have you been to Chicken Dog Bagels? Or have any other favorite bagel spots in San Francisco? Let us know in the comments. 

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